Advice for weight loss surgery pre-ops

Are you pre-op and waiting for your new healthy life to begin...

Here's some positive things you can do to pass the time:

1. Research everything about your surgery (here's a great start)

2. Make wls friends (you'll need support from others who've been there done that post-op: a great starting place)

3. Add more exercise into your day (it will build you up for your surgery) if you are able.

4. Lose some weight (cut back on simple carbs and up your protein a little practice of your post-op lifestyle), your program and/or insurance will likely require it.

5. Drink more water (it will help with #4 and prepare you for post-op)

6. Eliminate soda, smoking (this is required) and it will be an easier transition.

7. Figure out the why's of why you gained weight, what your eating issues are, what your trigger foods are (this is an operation on your body and not your head so it's important you deal with all of these ASAP.) Seek out a therapist if needed.

8. Take your measurements and pictures (you'll want comparisons), when the scale doesn't move you (and stalls will happen many times) will have other methods of seeing your progress.

9. Journal, blog, or if your crafty scrapbook your journey (its a good outlet for frustrations and fun post-op to look back on)

10. Make a list of everything you are looking forward to (buying new clothes, fitting in places, different activities...) that your health or weight has held you back from.

Best wishes on your journey!

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